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Harmful Ingredients Hiding In Your Deodorant (and what to use instead)

I started to realize the impact that things like make up products and personal care products have on my health in my late 20s. After learning how harmful these products (in their conventional form) can be when it comes to hormonal health, I made a point t
Jan 15, 2015 | Joy McCarthy

I started to realize the impact that things like make up products and personal care products have on my health in my late 20s. After learning how harmful these products (in their conventional form) can be when it comes to hormonal health, I made a point to switch out these products for healthier, natural alternatives.

One of those products was my deodorant. 

Why did I do this? Because 60% of what goes on your skin is absorbed directly into your bloodstream! You may think your skin is a shield from chemicals, but it actually acts as a sponge. That's why moisturizer absorbs so nicely into dry skin.

Now think of how deodorant behaves on your armpits (especially if you apply deodorant right after shaving!). Those ingredients (which actually contain harmful toxins) are going to absorb right into your skin and since toxins like to settle into fat cells, they're eventually going to find their way to the breast tissue (specifically if you're a woman, but men can be affected too). It's certainly NO coincidence scientists discovered parabens in breast cancers cells years ago. 

Your armpits are also home to over 20 lymph nodes, an important part of your lymphatic system. Immune cells that fight infection and remove debris, like bacteria and cancer cells, are made in your lymph nodes, so we want to make sure they are working optimally!

Some of the common harmful ingredients to avoid in conventional deodorant include:

  • Aluminum – often found in antiperspirants because it blocks your sweat ducts. It also disrupts your hormones and is toxic to your brain in large doses.
  • Phthalates – linked to reproductive disorders and can be hidden under the listing, ‘fragrance’.
  • Parabens (mentioned above) – are estrogen-mimickers that have been found in breast cancer tissue.
  • Triclosan – disrupts the hormones and affects our thyroid and reproductive glands.
  • Benzyl alcohol – a skin irritant.
  • BHT, butylated hydroxytoluene – a skin irritant and allergen.
  • Synthetic Fragrance – an unregulated term that can contain highly allergenic ingredients, phthalates and other hormone disruptors.

Some scientists argue that the endocrine-disrupting and petroleum-based ingredients in conventional deodorant is harmless because the amount is microscopic. But what these very same scientists cannot dispute is the toxic accumulation over a lifetime and how the use of multiple conventional personal care products containing these kind of ingredients all add up. 

It's actually said that the average woman consumes (as in, eats) 7lbs of lipstick in her lifetime. Yes, SEVEN pounds!

We already know that aluminum accumulates in the brain, so take a stand and don't put aluminum-based deodorants on your pits! Keep your brain healthy and joyous!

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Over at Joyous Health, we are fiercely committed to giving you access to products that will support your health, not degrade it which is why we came out with a line of natural deodorant sticks and creams to help you stay stink-free without the negative health consequences.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Natural products just don't work the same as the conventional chemical-filled counterparts!". But I can assure you – these natural deos actually work, making the switch to natural deodorant easier than ever! They have been stink-proof tested on the most physically active and passed with flying colours! This is thanks to clinically proven sage extract which kills bacteria and keeps you from smelling. 

Best of all, our natural deodorants are: GMO-free, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and biodegradable. 

Learn More About Our Line of Natural Deodorant

Deodorant Sticks

Available in Citrus and Lavender scents (derived from natural essential oils), our Natural Deodorant Sticks are formulated with clinically proven sage extract to keep you stink-free and free from chemicals that don't belong in your body.

You can rest assured, this deodorant is free from hormone-disrupting and harmful chemicals such as a parabens, propylene glycol, alcohol or ethanol, aluminum, synthetic fragrance and other junk. 

Who it's for: Anyone and everyone, but especially for those with sensitive skin. 

Deodorant Cream

Available in a natural lavender scent, our Natural Deodorant Cream is formulated for those that require a little more heavy duty action in the deodorant department. Formulated with both clinically proven sage extract, arrowroot and baking soda, our USDA Certified Organic Natural Deodorant Cream will help you smell fresh all day long!

One of the magic ingredients in our deodorant cream that keeps you stink-free is baking soda, which is incredibly effective at soaking up moisture. However, those with sensitive skin may experience redness and/or skin irritation, especially after prolonged use. 

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If you have sensitive skin, please try our Natural Deodorant Sticks, which are formulated to be more gentle on your skin while still keeping you fresh! 

If you really love our Natural Deodorant Cream, but experience some redness with use, we suggest alternating between our Natural Deodorant Cream and Stick every few days.

Who it's for: Those who experience more odour and require more of a heavy duty deodorant.

I know it can be overwhelming to switch over all of your personal care products at once, so what I recommend is choosing one conventional product each month and swapping it out for a clean alternative. Start with the products that you have the higher exposure to in potentially harmful areas, such as deodorant, because your armpits are so close to breast tissue and your brain.

Do you have any hesitances of switching over to natural deodorant? Share with me in the comments below!

Barb   •   January 22, 2015

Good morning - do your deodorant sticks prevent wetness. My daughter has a problem with odour and wetness. Trying to find natural products for her to use to help with both of these issues. Look forward to hearing back. Barb

Kate McDonald Walker   •   January 22, 2015
Joy McCarthy   •   January 22, 2015

C. Miller   •   December 6, 2019

Are your deodorants antiperspirant?

Joy McCarthy   •   December 6, 2019

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