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Improve Your Digestion with 7 Fermented Foods

The health of our body is deeply influenced by the bacteria that call our body home. In fact, our bacteria outnumber our cells by a factor of ten to one!
Apr 16, 2015 | Joy McCarthy

The health of our body is deeply influenced by the bacteria that call our body home. In fact, our bacteria outnumber our cells by a factor of ten to one! Good bacteria is super powerful stuff and directly impacts our gut health.

Healthy digestion is truly the foundation of great health and one of the easiest and quickest ways to boost the bacteria in your gut (and thereby improve gut health) is to eat fermented foods.

In this video you will learn the health benefits of fermented foods which range from improved digestion to strengthened immunity and even healthy body fat composition.

Here is the run down of the fermented superfoods I share in my video:


Which literally means, "sour cabbage". It can take anywhere from two to seven days to make. Here's a wonderful recipe for Crunch-tastic Sauerkraut. Find out my fave ways to use sauerkraut in the video!


SauerkrautÂ’s spicy cousin, a total Korean superfood! Cabbage is fermented along with spicy ingredients such as cayenne and ginger. You can also ferment it with other veggies like carrots. My fave way to eat kimchi is with scrambled eggs.


I have a special announcement coming to the blog this Saturday and you'll find out why this has been my drink of choice for the last several months. It is a fermented tea beverage. It's fizzy and yummy! I love the overnight muesli recipe with kefir - - a super duper digestive friendly brekkie.


Fermented Protein

This is my go-to plant-based protein powder. I love that it's fermented because that means its pre-digested and easier to digest. It's sourced from 7 high protein vegan ingredients like organic spirulina, organic mung bean, organic yellow pea kernel, organic pumpkin, organic flaxseed, organic hemp and organic brown rice.

While I am not strictly vegan, I love that they use plant-based sources like the above as opposed to whey which is a dairy derivated and can lead to other complications.


This superfood is made from made from fermented soybeans. It is a complete source of protein. This is the best and the recommended way to consume soy products is when they are in their fermented state because they are easily digested. Have you tried my cousin's Tempeh Chili yet? Page 239 in Joyous Health.


Last but certainly not least is miso, a fermented paste of soybeans and incredibly delicious! My favourite way to enjoy miso is in a salad dressing.

I really hope you enjoyed my video!

Have a joyous day,


Laura Sparling   •   April 18, 2015

Thanks for video and the great sauerkraut recipe! Do you have a favourite kimchi recipe? The ones I have found on other websites seem to have a lot of salt.


Korina   •   April 18, 2015

So, is it safe drinking kombucha during pregnancy? Even in the first trimester? I'm 5 weeks :)) And also, is it ok to continue using probiotics? (I used to take VSL#3) CONGRATULATIONS for you and Walker!!

Isra   •   April 18, 2015

Seeza   •   April 20, 2015

Good work and nice Post, I highly appreciate those people who share some good information.Thanks for sharing.


Jordan   •   April 23, 2015

I had no idea kimchi and miso had so many health benefits! Since I love them so much, that's some REALLY good news. Definitely need to try these other foods too! Thanks for sharing!


Jiri   •   May 3, 2015

Great video. I use these probiotic foods on daily bases. I would just add that these foods should be used after being on antibiotics, or if you have a candida problems.

Kate McDonald Walker   •   May 3, 2015

AshleyL   •   June 20, 2015

Is low fat kefir ok or should I look for whole milk?

Kate McDonald Walker   •   June 21, 2015

Megan K.   •   October 19, 2017

Thank you so very much Joy for this extremely helpful information!!! You are an amazing teacher and you have changed my life.


Carly   •   February 3, 2018

Hi Joy! We have a question about side effects and fermented foods. Whenever my husband and I start eating these foods we have terrible gas/bloating, bad BMs and sometimes stomach this normal? We don't enjoy eating them because of how they make us feel, but we know there are many benefits.

Rachel Molenda   •   February 13, 2018

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