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Ep. 68: A Healthy Pregnancy Journey with Lindsay Taylor, The Food Doula

This week, Joy is joined by Lindsay Taylor, a pre- and post-natal nutrition expert, health researcher and doula who supports women to get confidently nourished before, during, and after pregnancy.
Mar 1, 2022 | Joy McCarthy

This week, Joy is joined by Lindsay Taylor, a pre- and post-natal nutrition expert, health researcher and doula who supports women to get confidently nourished before, during, and after pregnancy. Lindsay is also the author of the best-selling book, The Food Doula Cookbook, a cookbook that offers easy, delicious recipes for preconception, each of the 3 trimesters, and postpartum, as well as down-to-earth nutrition guidance that works for real life.

She is a beaming ray of sunshine in the food world who believes that we still deserve to feel good and eat food we love at every step of our pregnancy journey. Nourishing good foods shouldn’t taste bland and boring otherwise, what’s the point? Her philosophy is founded on the belief that we can make healthy food taste good to support your body from preconception to postpartum.

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In this episode Joy and Lindsay discuss:

  • Lindsay’s journey to becoming a doula.
  • The hole she feels doulas fill in the modern health care approach to birthing.
  • Why preconception nutrition should be part of pregnancy planning.
  • Lindsay’s favourite prenatal vitamin brands.
  • Breaking down top pregnancy and nutrition myths.
  • The process behind how Lindsay wrote The Food Doula Cookbook.
  • Lindsay’s favourite recipe: The Glowing Mama Healing Stew!

This episode will give you the foundation you need to lovingly nourish your body whether you’re planning a pregnancy, currently pregnant, or in that 4th trimester postpartum period. Lindsay is a wealth of knowledge who will inspire you to eat a wide range of pregnancy superfoods so that you and baby are as happy and healthy as possible.


Episode Highlights:

  • How Lindsay’s pregnancy experiences led to becoming a doula.
  • Why she believes adults deserve more support during the transition to parenthood.
  • How doulas help fill the missing role of the “village” in supporting new parents.
  • The way her doula training impacted the recipes she created for her cookbook.
  • Why practicality needs to be balanced with nutrition and deliciousness in postpartum cooking.
  • How nutrient intake impacts the way the body recovers postpartum.
  • The importance of caring for mom during the birth process, not just baby.
  • How doulas offer options for care during pregnancy and the birthing process.
  • Lindsay’s nutrition recommendations for the preconception phase.
  • How nutrition can support the production of healthy eggs and how that impacts pregnancy outcomes.
  • Tips to add rich sources of folate to your meals and snacks.
  • The best time to start a prenatal multivitamin and how to choose the best one for your needs.
  • The importance of antioxidants and fat in the preconception diet.
  • Lindsay’s favourite fat-loving preconception foods!
  • How what you eat during pregnancy impacts the health of your baby.
  • Why multivitamins are a supplement to a whole foods diet.
  • Lindsay’s top foods to support the body during pregnancy, trimester by trimester.
  • The importance of listening to your own intuition around hunger and nutrition.
  • The role of choline in baby’s brain development.
  • Why DHA is one of the most important nutrients for pregnancy.
  • The connection between low levels of DHA and postpartum depression.
  • Lindsay’s top tips for postpartum nutrition for mom and baby.
  • Why you should stay on your prenatal vitamin after birth.
  • How planning ahead can set you up for nutrition success postpartum.
  • Why you shouldn’t forget to prep some one-handed snacks!
  • Why getting comfortable asking for help is critical for healing postpartum.
  • Demystifying the top pregnancy nutrition myths.
  • How bacteria impacts a baby's microbiome during birth.
  • How Lindsay wrote The Food Doula Cookbook and how it’s designed to support the pregnancy journey.

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