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Sexy Maca Balls Get a Makeover

These raw and plant-based cookie balls are full of superfoods including maca, goji berries and raw cacao. You'll love how easy they are to make because you don't even have to turn on your oven!
Jan 16, 2018 | Joy McCarthy

Chocolate, cinnamon-y, maca-goodness! These balls are no-bake, totally plant-based (aka vegan) and have been made a gazillion times in the McJordan home. 

If you remember the first version of this recipe, I'm impressed, because that means you've been reading my blog for six years! These Sexy Maca Balls were so popular that they even made it into my first book Joyous Health and they are as loved as my Carrot Cake Balls.

I have to admit, I was kinda over balls and haven't made them in about a year but I recently shared the recipe on a segment I did on The Goods (airing in February) and everyone on set was in love with them! My segment was about smashing sugar cravings and these sexy maca balls were the featured recipe. This inspired me to give them a remake and film a video! See below for that :) 

The key ingredients in this recipe that make them sexy are maca, raw cacao and goji berries.

If you're not a fan of goji berries (they have a distinct flavour), no problem, just swap with dried blueberries or cranberries instead. 

The most noteworthy ingredient in my recipe is definitely maca. Have you ever used it before? I used to put it in my smoothies all the time when I was a personal trainer with the intention of boosting my energy. 

Maca is a well-known and loved adaptogen. Adaptogens are natural substances derived from plants or botanicals that help the body adapt to stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Maca has been used traditionally in South America for over two thousand years to help with stamina, energy and libido. It has also been said to be hormonally balancing and shown promise for improving sexual function in research, hence the name Sexy Maca Balls, teehee! If your sex drive has taken a nose dive, I don't know that maca is the answer. I would say, do everything you can to limit stress first including addressing lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your stress. 

Before I share it with you, I already know what kinds of questions you're going to ask me, so here are my answers ahead of time.

Can you eat these if you're pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, the amount of maca you're likely consuming over the course of day by eating two or three of these balls is not a concern, in my opinion. And yes, I consumed maca when I was pregnant but I was not using it as a natural health supplement. 

Should you have maca every single day if you're pregnant or breastfeeding?

Probably not. There's not enough research to support the safety of maca root during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. 

What maca brand do I recommend?

I used Navitas Naturals in this recipe. You can find it on Amazon here

Okay here's the video and recipe. Enjoy friends!

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  • 1.5 tsp maca powder
  • 1 tbsp ground cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp raw cacao powder
  • 1/4 cup raw cacao nibs or dark chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup raw almond or cashews
  • 1/4 cup goji berries or dried cranberries
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 8-10 soft medjool dates, pit removed
  1. If your medjool dates are dry, I would recommend soaking them for 30 minutes - 1 hour first in warm water.
  2. Toss all ingredients into a high powder blender or preferably a food processor and blend until crumbly.
  3. If the texture is lacking moisture, add a very small splash of water and keep adding until it reaches a texture that clumps nicely into balls.
  4. Rolls into 1.5 inch balls.


Makes 15-18 balls.
1. Batter not forming into balls easily? Add a few more medjool dates.
2. Not sweet enough? Add 1 tbsp of maple syrup.
3. What brand of maca should you buy? See my post above for a link.

There you have it! Easy recipe right? Make a double batch and freeze them. They will be good for months if you freeze them or about about 7-10 days if you store them in the fridge. They never last that long in the McJordan home though! 

If you really love maca, let me know and I will create more recipes with it. Just comment below!

Have a joyous week and be sure to tag me on social media @joyoushealth & #joyoushealth as I love to see what you make!


Raquel DeCoster   •   January 16, 2018

Wow you posted it so quick. Thank you! Sooooooo trying this recipe and Maca ;) My life has literally changed since I discovered you a few months ago. I asked my family for both of your books for my bday next week. ❤️

Rachel Molenda   •   January 17, 2018
Joy M.   •   January 17, 2018

Gabriella   •   January 16, 2018

I love maca! I put it in my smoothie every morning. I use it for hormone regulating. Didn’t know it was a libido booster but that’s fun too! Haha Xx Gabriella

Rachel Molenda   •   January 17, 2018

Patricia   •   January 17, 2018

Love the sexy balls! And yes please - more maca recipes! I discovered your blog about a month ago and am so inspired! Thank you for all the delicious recipes and helpful information.

Rachel Molenda   •   January 18, 2018

Jackie B.   •   January 17, 2018

Do you think I can substitute apricots instead of dates? I can't eat dates.


Judith   •   January 18, 2018

Sounds great! Could I make these with Matcha powder, or do you have a similar "ball" recipe using that?

Rachel Molenda   •   January 18, 2018

Jessica   •   January 18, 2018

This sounds delicious! Is there a substitute for nuts though?

Rachel Molenda   •   January 18, 2018

Nicole   •   January 18, 2018

I love the original recipe, and this revamped version looks terrific! I would love to see more recipes with maca, as other adaptogens (particularly ginseng) make me feel sick :( I have a pile of stressors in life right now but none of them are things that can be resolved I'm afraid. Tiny meditation moments and nutritious eating are getting me through!

Rachel Molenda   •   January 18, 2018

Katie-ann   •   January 18, 2018

Can you share with us why you decided to give these sexy little balls a makeover? Has the nutrition increased? Still yummy as ever!

Rachel Molenda   •   January 18, 2018

Sharon   •   January 23, 2018

Really sticky, any suggestions?

Rachel Molenda   •   January 24, 2018

Nicole   •   January 25, 2018

I did the Sexy Maca balls recipe before seeing the video and my splash of water was way too big. The mixture was way too sticky to make balls so I made a spread. I will try again and keep them in the freezer for my sugar craving. Please remind me of the brand you used and please make more recipies with the Maca Powder.

Joy McCarthy   •   January 26, 2018

Demi   •   February 16, 2018

Calories per sexy Maca ball?

Joy McCarthy   •   February 17, 2018

Cor   •   March 1, 2018

What type of maca did you use? I have black but the flavor is so strong and really over powers (not in a good way).

Joy McCarthy   •   March 1, 2018

Rachel   •   March 13, 2018

I've made these twice now, the really yummy, the second time I rolled them in shredded coconut.

Rachel Molenda   •   March 13, 2018

Emily   •   March 27, 2018

Do you let your daughter have the Maca balls? My guess is they are safe, I'm just not sure my kids need any extra energy!

Rachel Molenda   •   March 27, 2018

Bianca P.   •   April 12, 2018

Hey, thank you for this great recipe. It sound delicious. I discover you 6 mounth ago and all your videos help me changing my life. Yesterday i received your book Joyous detox and i can't wait to read it all. Please tell me if in this recipe i must hydrate raw cashew or raw almond before ? Thank you very much for all.


Grace   •   September 12, 2018

Hi, can I not use the chocolate chips? Will this change the texture? Or can I use sunflower seeds instead of the chocolate chips?

Rachel Molenda   •   September 13, 2018

Farah   •   February 8, 2019

We love these! I add a scoop of chocolate multi collagen powder as well.

Joy McCarthy   •   February 8, 2019

Andrea   •   February 8, 2019

Oh, man, these are GOOD! The cinnamon makes them spicy. I used goji berries and I found they didn't add a strange flavour at all. Please, more maca recipes - I quite like the taste of it.

Joy McCarthy   •   February 8, 2019

Judy   •   February 20, 2019

Just made these and they are wonderful! Great recipe! How do I store them? On the counter or in the fridge?

Joy McCarthy   •   February 21, 2019

Mohamed   •   February 24, 2019

Hi Pls make more MACA roles i love it.

Joy McCarthy   •   February 26, 2019

Debbie   •   April 2, 2019

Had all the ingredients but didn't know what to do... THESE were the perfect answer.... they are AMAZING!!!Thank you!!

Joy McCarthy   •   April 2, 2019

kathryn   •   April 6, 2019

Yes please! more recipes using maca powder would be great.

Joy McCarthy   •   April 6, 2019

kathryn   •   April 7, 2019

great, now that warmer weather weather is coming (finally) to Toronto area, I will give the fudge a try. BTW, I have made the Maca Balls so many times and took them to a girls cottage weekend and they all wanted the recipe! I also keep them stored in tupperware in the freezer and have one when I'm needing a sweet fix. They don't freeze. Served them again last night for dessert and yup, they want the recipe. Keep up the great work, you do such a fantastic job in making eating clean a) not uber complicated and b) taste good!! Thanks!

Joy McCarthy   •   April 8, 2019

Jacqueline F.   •   May 21, 2019

Hi Joy. You've mentioned two different brands of Maca in this blog/comments section. The first one mentioned was Navitas and when I checked it out on, it said gelatinized maca powder. Is that the one? I think I read the gelatinized is easier to digest? The other was the New Chapter's fermented organic maca. Is one preferred over the other? Your raw carrot cakes balls are the perfect fix for my sweet cravings but I wanted to find something to fix my chocolate cravings as well. Thanks!!

Joy McCarthy   •   May 21, 2019

Michelle   •   July 25, 2019

I would like to get your newsletter etc.

Joy McCarthy   •   July 27, 2019

Brianna P.   •   August 6, 2019

I was super skeptical about trying these. I am new to eating healthy, so I was not sure whether I would like these or not. I have to say, these are so amazing! I absolutely love them! I am so happy I have found a super simple snack I can take with me on the go. I cannot wait to make more Joyous Health recipes! (:

Joy McCarthy   •   August 7, 2019

Denise C.   •   January 18, 2020

So easy and delicious! I'll definitely make these again!!

Joy McCarthy   •   January 19, 2020

Joanne   •   March 29, 2020

Joy, I can’t wait to make the sexy maca balls and have everything but the dates just used them for the banana muffins. Substitute idea so I can avoid the grocery store. Thanks. Your recipes are amazing. Are all these in your new cookbook? I have your first, bought the second for a friends and need to buy myself the new one

Joy McCarthy   •   March 30, 2020

Rebecca K.   •   September 21, 2020

I am a huge fan of maca and whipped these up for the first time last night! I 100% agree that these are a sugar craving crusher! My husband likes sweet things from time to time, and these were perfect to make. I'm going to make another batch for some girlfriends that are swinging by the house in a few weeks as a parting gift!

Joy McCarthy   •   September 22, 2020

Patricia Smith   •   October 24, 2020

I have the joyous cook book and decided to make these today. Have a batch in the fridge as we speak can't wait to have one with a cup of tea in the afternoon. I glad I found this video even though it's after the fact.Looking forward to trying more of your recipes. Patricia Smith

Joy McCarthy   •   October 26, 2020

Laura C.   •   December 12, 2020

These are yummy! I did hydrate my dates and goji berries before hand as they were really dry, so it did make the mixture a bit sticky. I was able to get them into balls though and they taste great. Thank you for all the fabulous recipes!

Joy McCarthy   •   December 14, 2020

Olga Reeve   •   February 14, 2021

Where do i buy maca and what is it? Never heard of it.But i want to make it saunds healthy.

Joy McCarthy   •   February 15, 2021

Stephanie Cordes   •   May 30, 2021

These are so TASTY!!! Perfect blend of sweet, tangy, and satisfying. Rolled them in coconut at the end.

Joy McCarthy   •   May 31, 2021

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