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DIY Lip Balm • 3 Ingredients

This DIY natural lip balm only has 3 natural and pure ingredients (excluding the essential oil and tint if you add it - that makes it 5 ingredients). It's silky, nourishing and moisturizing for your lips after you've used the lip scrub.
Apr 10, 2020 | Joy McCarthy

I've been on a DIY-binge lately, I mean why the heck not? It's a great way to make the most of being stuck inside and still feel like you're accomplishing something. I've found that "accomplishing" something daily is super important to stay positive and joyous.

natural ingredients in lip balm

This DIY natural lip balm only has 3 natural and pure ingredients (excluding the essential oil and tint if you add it - that makes it 5 ingredients). It's silky, nourishing and moisturizing for your lips after you've used the DIY Lip Scrub. 

Even though you might not have organic beeswax on hand, it's easy to find on Amazon. This is the brand I buy. I like the beeswax beads because they melt faster as opposed to the beeswax bars.

Organic Beeswax Beads

I really love using cocoa (or cacao) butter because it smells AH-MAZING and it's rich in phytonutrients. It benefits your lips because it's incredibly hydrating and nourishing as it's rich in fatty acids. It has healing benefits for the skin too and this is why we have it in our best-selling body butter too! 


Cocoa butter is the fat extracted from the cacao bean which is why it smells like chocolate and it feels rich and luxurious on your lips. This is my favourite cocoa butter to use for this lip balm by Giddy Yoyo. You'll want to eat it!

cacao butter

And of course, I add coconut oil for all its skin-beautifying benefits. It's nourishing, healing, anti-bacterial and moisturizing. Simple, wholesome ingredients are what make this lip balm so amazing!

natural diy lip balm

To make this lip balm you'll need a double boiler or you can create one with a large pot of water and a steel bowl on top like I did in the photo above. Once the ingredients are completely melted, you can add your favourite essential oil. I really love peppermint because it feels soothing for dry lips. 

Natural lip balm DIY

You can also add a little bit of tint from Raspberry Powder or Beet Powder -- remember the one I used in my Almond Flour Raspberry Cake ? Yep! That's what I used in this lip balm to make it pink. It's sooo pretty!


Natural DIY Lip Balm

Once it's all melted, you've added your essential oil and some tint if you like, pour it into containers. I used amber glass containers I bought on Amazon

Here's a recipe card and then you can follow along in the video above. 

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  • 1/4 cup beeswax beads
  • 1/3 cup raw cacao butter
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • A few drops of your favourite essential oil
  • Optional: Add organic raspberry powder for colour
  1. In a double boiler bring the water to a boil and then reduce temperature to medium, slowly melt the beeswax. Then add cacao butter and coconut oil on medium heat.
  2. Once all ingredients are fully melted, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil.
  3. If you're adding the tint, remove the mixture from the heat and vigorously stir in the colour. You may need to put it back on the heat if it starts to solidify.
  4. Pour liquid mixture into jars. Store at room temperature for up to 3 months.
  5. For the extra jars of lip balm I'm not using, I keep mine in the fridge to stay fresh longer.


The key is an approximate ratio of 3:1 of beeswax to butter/oil so it's a softer texture. I realize my measurements are a little under 3 to 1 but it will work nicely with this as that's what I use.

Natural DIY Lip balms

The pink-tinted lip balm I made is very light but I like putting it over top of lipstick, especially because I wear matte lipsticks that are super dry for my lips. 

You could also use this lip balm for dry cuticles on your hands and feet.

Happy DIY-ing friends!

Joy xo

Ps. Be sure to check out my DIY Lip Scrub, it's amazing for dry hands too!


Delicia   •   April 11, 2020

could you add a bit of beet juice for color?

Joy McCarthy   •   April 12, 2020

Caroline   •   April 14, 2020

Where do you get the tint from? Do you mind sharing a link?;)

Joy McCarthy   •   April 14, 2020

Sarah U.   •   April 14, 2020

I'm going to order the the beeswax and start making this. Danika is always asking me if I have lip balm. We can do this together!

Joy McCarthy   •   April 14, 2020

Ramona   •   April 14, 2020

Is there something you would recommend to replace the beeswax in this recipe? I find that I react to beeswax so I'm looking to make a lip balm without it that is still extremely moisturizing and has a nice balmy texture...

Joy McCarthy   •   April 15, 2020

Kelly   •   April 14, 2020

Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe, Joy!

Joy McCarthy   •   April 15, 2020

Anabella Perrone   •   April 26, 2020

Hello, wondering how long I used lip balm lasts for and how it should be stored to maximize its life. Thanks!

Joy McCarthy   •   April 26, 2020

Karissa A Gretebeck   •   December 18, 2020

How much of the tint/raspberry powder do you use per batch?

Joy McCarthy   •   June 1, 2021

Liann   •   January 17, 2021

What else can be used to tint the lipbalm if I don't have raspberry powder

Joy McCarthy   •   January 28, 2021

Sandra O.   •   November 10, 2021

DO i have to add something to prevent bacteria from growing?

Joy McCarthy   •   November 12, 2021

Ange   •   April 1, 2022

Should I use regular coconut oil from My cupboard ? Or buy the fractioned coconut oil that stays in liquid state ?

Joy McCarthy   •   April 1, 2022

Andrea   •   February 5, 2024

How much water do you bring to boil in beginning? I didn’t see that listed. Also recommended raspberry powder brand?


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