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Ep. 101: Balancing Entrepreneurship & Motherhood with Kate Taylor Martin, Founder of nutbar

This week, Joy chats with Kate Taylor Martin, founder of nutbar about how she balances the demands of entrepreneurship and motherhood to build the life of her dreams.
Oct 10, 2023 | Joy McCarthy

This week, Joy chats with Kate Taylor Martin, founder of nutbar, the world’s first superfood cafe. While studying nutrition at the institute of holistic nutrition, Kate began to dream up a concept for a healthy cafe in Toronto – one which would replace the typical coffee shop fare of muffins, donuts and croissants, with alternatives that were still delicious but also good for you. She built nutbar around a holistic approach to health and the basic foundation of focusing on real, whole food.

Kate Taylor Martin Joyous Health Podcast

In this episode Kate shares how she was inspired to create a community space that served nourishing, whole foods to busy people on-the-go so they can truly thrive. She gets vulnerable about what it’s like being a full-time entrepreneur and mom to three small children and the challenges of both. You’ll love her practical tips for developing non-negotiable healthy living routines!

If you want to learn more about building your life’s vision and living a life you’re proud of, then you won’t want to miss this episode. So settle in with a cozy cuppa tea and get ready to be inspired to follow your dreams!


Episode Highlights:

  • Kate’s wellness journey and how Joy inspired her to apply to IHN!
  • How she found her wellness community through school.
  • Her inspirational transition from studying nutrition to opening her first nutbar cafe.
  • How being a little naive helped her take the leap into entrepreneurship.
  • Taste and health benefits of homemade nut milks vs. boxed nut milks
  • How Kate built a brand as opposed to just working in her business.
  • The cost of maintaining quality and commitment to organic products.
  • Her guide to eating well without restrictive labels.
  • What life looks like being a mom of three young kids and running her business.
  • The things she needs to do to find equilibrium.
  • Kate’s routines and the non-negotiables that changed her life.
  • The physical and psychological benefits of cold exposure and how to do it.
  • The impacts of modern day life on stress and health.
  • The foundation she builds at home to keep her kids healthy.
  • Why it’s important to help kids build connections between what they eat and how they feel, without shame or restriction.
  • What’s next for nutbar.
  • The one thing you must try when you go to nutbar.

Joyous Health Podcast Kate Taylor Martin nutbar


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